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perth land clearing & scrub removal

Earthworks & Land Clearing Across Mandurah and Perth

Land Clearing

Increasing The Value of Your Land and
Conserving Our Environment

By clearing your un-used, scrubby, and messy land, you can farm more stock,

giving you more return per acre on your land.

Native bush will be preserved whilst getting rid of your unwanted scrub and junk trees.


We will rake the scrub, dead trees, branches, and debris all into tidy piles, ready for burning on the correct season. If you want the debris removed off the property, its no problem, we have the resources to do so.

Why SWS Rural for Your Land Clearing?

The SWS Team can mobilise their Track Loader to your property, and clear your desired area of land with their new custom-made, heavy-duty rake bucket.


The new custom built system clears vegetation, sticks, trees, and rocks without moving soil and clay therefore leaving a clean, tidy and regulation fire break around your Mandurah property.

perth land clearing & fire breaks
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Clearing Land For Farming

When you clear land for farming, you're opening up a whole new world of opportunity for your crops and livestock.


Not only does it provide more space for them to grow, but it also allows you to prepare the soil much more easily.

It is a common misconception that farmers and pastoralists only need to worry about the quality of their cattle in order to maximise their earnings. In reality, the condition of the pasture land has a significant impact on the value of cattle. Cattle graze on grass, which is a valuable commodity in itself, and well-maintained pasture land will provide more nutritious food for cattle, resulting in healthier animals. By clearing  more land you'll also be able to add new crops to your farm, providing your animals with a more diverse diet. In addition, clearing land can help to improve the overall health of your herd by reducing exposure to predators and parasites.

For crop farmers, by clearing land for farming, you can increase your yield and improve the quality of your crops. Plus, it's a great way to make use of otherwise unusable land. 

Land Clearing and Conservation

You may not realise it, but the plants in your garden could be harming the local environment. Exotic plants from overseas and elsewhere in Australia often escape from properties and invade natural habitats.

As environmental weeds, they cause great damage, often crowding out native vegetation on which native animals depend for food or shelter.

By land clearing around your property, you can help to prevent the spread of these harmful plants and protect the local environment. In addition to clearing land, you can also take care to choose native plants for your property and garden.


As Mandurah locals, the SWS Rural Team believe that preserving the local ecosystem is important when clearing land. The team is dedicated to using responsible and sustainable methods that won't damage the local environment.  By taking these measures, the SWS Rural Team is able to clear land without harming the local ecosystem. As a result, the team is able to help property owners create their vision for their land while also preserving the natural beauty of Mandurah.

Perth land clearing & conservation
fire breaks perth land clearing & rural fences

Clearing Land For Firebreaks

As any property owner in a high fire risk area knows, taking measures to protect your property from the threat of bushfire is essential.

One of the best ways to do this is to create firebreaks. Firebreaks are areas of cleared land that act as barriers to stop the spread of fire. They can be created around the perimeter of a property, or in strategic locations.


Not only do they provide a physical barrier to stop fires in their tracks, but they also reduce the spread of embers and flames. This can be crucial in protecting buildings and assets from damage. In addition, clearing land for firebreaks provides safe access for fire fighting vehicles and crews. This allows them to quickly reach the scene of a blaze and begin containing it. Firebreaks also create control lines that assist brigades during operations such as back burning or mopping up on-going blazes.


This can help to minimise the risk of further damage to property and loss of life. Therefore, clearing your land for firebreaks is an excellent way to protect your property from the effects of bushfire.

Scrub Clearing and Land Renovation

Years ago, your land may have been cleared through chaining or pulling. The vegetation on your property was likely removed to make way for agriculture, but if it has not been managed properly over time then you risk having bushes take root where they shouldn't be and turning that once profitable pasture into scrubland again!


Pastoral renovation is the process of restoring land that has been damaged by years of mismanagement or neglect. If your land has become overgrown with scrub or small trees, it may be time to consider renovating your property.

By clearing the land and removing all vegetation, you can create a more usable space for grazing animals or crops.


At SWS Rural, we have the experience and equipment necessary to clear land quickly and efficiently. We can help you create a blank canvas that you can then use to build your dream property.


 We'll be happy to provide you with a free quote for our services. 

perth land clearing & scrub clearing
perth land clearing & fire breaks around mandurah
Making the Most of your Property 

SWS Rural have all modern, efficient, and task specific machinery and attachments for all your jobs. Our business model is based off being your one stop, agriculture contractor.

From Rural fencing to Land clearing, Drainage to Culvert installation, we can do it all.

We have the equipment, the know-how and the attitude to be Mandurah’s most competitive, all round Agri service provider.

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