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fire breaks perth land clearing & rural fences

Fire Breaks and Land Clearing Across Perth

Fire Breaks: 

A Simple & Effective Method To Protect Your Property And The Community From Fire's Devastating Effects

Firebreaks are an excellent way to protect your property from the effects of fire.


Not only do they stop fires in their tracks, but also reduce spread and allow safe access for fire fighting vehicles while providing control lines that assist brigades during operations such as back burning or mopping up on-going blazes with limited risk areas near them.


If you've been thinking about preparing for the next fire season, now is the time to get started!

SWS Rural will make the process simple and easy for you. 

What is a Fire Break?

A fire break is a strip of land that has been cleared of vegetation and other combustible material. Fire breaks help to prevent wildfires from spreading by cutting off the fuel supply.

The SWS team create vital fire breaks by clearing a wide strip of land around your property, fence lines and other structures in bushfire-prone areas.


By clearing a space around your property, you can help to create a barrier that will stop a wildfire in its tracks

The SWS Team can mobilise their Track Loader to your property, remove the old fence (if required) and clear the fire break with their new custom-made, heavy-duty rake bucket.


The new custom built system clears vegetation, sticks, trees, and rocks without moving soil and clay therefore leaving a clean, tidy and regulation fire break around your Mandurah property.

what is a fire break? Perth fire break clearing
clearing land for fire break Perth

Fire Break Clearing
- 2 Services in 1- 

Clearing fire breaks is an important part of managing rural properties. 

With our professional fire break clearing service we can quickly and efficiently clear fire breaks on your property boundary while also inspecting the existing fencing at the same time.


All the required tools and equipment are carried by us, meaning that any maintenance can be carried out on the spot.

If a new fence is required, after consultation we can use our efficient custom-made post driver, meaning your new rural fence can quickly be installed if required,

 Professional firebreaks and professional rural fencing at the same time!

...all part of the SWS Rural Fencing service!

Fire Breaks Allow Access for Emergency Services

One of the most important things to consider when preparing for a bushfire is how firefighters will be able to access your property.


Having a clear and accessible fire break around your property will help ensure that firefighters can quickly get to you in an emergency.

Fire Breaks also:

  • Provide firefighters with a safe space to work

  • They can reduce the spread of fire by providing a no fuel area

  • Allows easier access to your property and buildings

  • Provide a control line to assist brigades during firefighting, back burning or mopping up operations.

  • Can provide a safe area for people to shelter during a fire

fire breaks perth land clearing & rural fences
clearing land for fire breaks perth

Fire break safety info for your Mandurah, Peel, Perth property*

What do I have to do as a property owner in the City of Mandurah?

Occupied or unoccupied land less than 4000m2 in City of Mandurah

If your property is less than 4000m2 you are required to:

  • Have the entire property clear of all flammable materials except for living standing trees

  • Mow, slash, whipper snip to a height of no more than 4 cm

  • Plough, cultivate, scarify or chemical spray, followed by slashing to 4cm or other approved method by the City

  • This includes the canal walls of properties situated in the various canal developments within the City of Mandurah boundaries

Occupied or unoccupied land 4000m2 and over in City of Mandurah

When the area of land is 4000m2 and over, provide a trafficable mineral earth firebreak of 4 metres wide, with a height clearance of 4.2 metres:

  • Inside all external boundaries on the property

  • Surrounding all outbuildings erected on the property

  • Surrounding haystacks, fuel storage or other flammable materials

*from the Mandurah gov website

Protecting your property from bushfires is a huge responsibility.

But it's one that we take very seriously at SWS Rural. Our team have the knowledge  and equipment create your fire break - to help you protect your home, family and livelihood.

 Our experienced team will work with you to create a fire break that meets all the necessary regulations, so you can rest easy knowing your property is safe.

 Contact us today for a free consultation on creating a fire break for your Perth property!

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